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Belle Isle Foot Bridge II

Image of Belle Isle Foot Bridge II


An Original Monotype
Image size - 6x4.5" plate
This is an original, one of a kind monotype print of a Belle Isle footbridge over Nashua Creek with reflections and water lilies. It is printed with Kelsey black oil based ink on white Rives heavyweight paper.

This monotype print was made by inking a zinc plate with a roller, then removing and drawing into the ink to leave a design. Damp paper is then place on the plate and this is put through the press. The ink is transferred from the plate to the paper, so only one print can be made.

This is the reworked print from the first monotype print. The plate has more ink added and again is reworked to create the second original print. The mid-tone values in this one are lighter than the first print.

This print is presented in a board backed clear protective sleeve and packed carefully with extra card for strength.

It is unmounted and unframed. It is numbered 1/1 signed and dated

Sold Out